Mattox Wedding

Weddings are a big deal. They are full of family, friends, pretty details, and promises. Each is unique to the man and woman who are tying the knot, and the wedding I am sharing with you right now was extra special.

Josh and Victoria got married at Spire Mountain Cellars - a scenic vineyard in Southern Oregon. They fell for each other in high school while he was a football quarterback and she drove out to a game in the middle of nowhere to support him (sooo cute). The bond they have with each other and their love for each other is written ALL OVER these photos and was beyond evident on their wedding day.

The thing I admired most about these two on their wedding day is how present they were in every moment. They dove into the day with eyes wide open and had the time of their lives. Wait till you see Josh’s face when he saw her walk down the aisle (brb, crying), their first dance, and their facial expressions during the toasts. The photos will tell you their story better than I can - here are some highlights from the day!